Nov 1, 2019

Sanskrit STD 6 Sem 1 Chapter 2


Standard 6th, 
Sem 1,
Chapter - 2 'Aakashah Patati'

This video and pdf file is very helpful for the students of std 6th sem 1 Chapter 2nd. 
Students will enjoy learning with this animated video about 'Aakashah Patati'.
'Aakashah Patati' is a story of one cute Rabbit. 
He is afraid of everything in the jungle. 
Once he was sleeping under the tree and at that time a leaf fall down on it.
Suddenly he starts running thinking that 'The sky has fallen.'
And then what happened?
Watch that animated story from the link given below.

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For the pdf file of Textbook (For this chapter)
Chapter, Click Here or Touch Here.

To watch the video of this chapter 

For the Unit test of this Chapter, 
Click Here or Touch Here.

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