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Jun 22, 2022

Kissing related Sanskrit words | Kiss in Sanskrit 😘

😘 Sanskrit word for Kiss 😘

1. अधरपानम्—drinking the lips

2. अधररसपानम्—drinking nectar from the lips

3. अनुघ्राणम्—smelling (=kissing) repeatedly

4. अभिचुम्बनम्—touching with the face (=lips) on both sides

5. अवघ्रः—an act of smelling (=kissing) with determination

6. अवघ्राणम्—smelling (=kissing) with determination

7. आघ्राणम्—smelling (=kissing) all around

8. आचुम्बनम्—touching with the face (=lips) all around

9. आरेहणम्—licking all around

10. आस्यन्धयः/यी—he/she who drinks from the mouth (=a kisser)

11. उपघ्राणम्/उपशिङ्घनम्—smelling (=kissing) up-close

12. उपाघ्राणम्—smelling (=kissing) up-close from all sides

13. चुम्बनदानम्—the gift of a kiss

14. चुम्बनम्—touching with the face (=lips)

15. दशनोच्छिष्टम्/वदनोच्छिष्टम्—act in which something (=saliva) is left from the teeth/mouth

16. नातिविशदम्—[a kiss] that is not too obvious or apparent (=kissing discreetly)

17. निंसा—touching closely

18. निंसी/निंसिनी—he/she who touches closely (=a kisser)

19. निक्षः/निक्षा—he/she who pierces with the lips (=a kisser)

20. निक्षणम्—piercing [with the lips]

21. निपानम्—intensely drinking or sucking [with the lips]

22. निमित्तकम्—the cause [of सुरतिः]

23. नेत्रनिंसी/नेत्रनिंसिनी—he/she who kisses the eyes (=an eye-kisser)

24. परिघ्राणम्—smelling (=kissing) everywhere, covering with kisses (=kissing heartily or passionately)

25. परिचुम्बनम्—torching with the mouth everywhere, covering with kisses (=kissing heartily or passionately)

26. परिणिंसकः/परिणिंसिका—he/she who touches closely from all around (=a kisser)

27. परिणिंसा—touching closely from all around

28. पानम्—drinking [saliva]

29. पुष्पनिक्षः—he who kisses flowers (=a bee)

30. प्रणिंसा—touching closely with eminence

31. प्रणिक्षणम्—eminently piercing [with the lips]

32. मुखग्रहणम्—receiving somebody's face/mouth

33. मुखास्वादः—savoring somebody's face/mouth

34. रेहणम्—licking

35. विचुम्बनम्—a special kiss

36. विसर्गचुम्बनम्—a parting kiss

37. समाघ्राणम्—smelling (=kissing) properly from all sides

38. समुपघ्राणम्—smelling (=kissing) prop

39. साक्षतम्—a kiss without hurting (=a gentle kiss)  

Thank you for reading.