Special Page for Sanskrit Medium Schools - GSEB

! स्वागतम् भोः !  Welcome to the Virtual World of Sanskrit. We are the Pioneer in Gujarat for Online Sanskrit Education. An initiative by Nirav Jani - Sanskritwala.

In this special page for Sanskrit Pathshala of Gujarat, You will find so many useful things about all of your needs, requirements and queries about the Sanskrit Pathshala of Gujarat, GSEB.

!! Let's Start Learning. !!
शास्त्री प्रथम वर्षम् 
शास्त्री द्वितीय वर्षम् 
शास्त्री तृतीय वर्षम्
आचार्य प्रथम वर्षम्
आचार्य द्वितीय वर्षम्
शिक्षाशास्त्री प्रथम वर्षम्
शिक्षाशास्त्री द्वितीय वर्षम् 


  1. Thank you. Your attempts are praise worthy. I have watched Dr. Dipika. Rathod's lecture on samas. Very easy and simple way to make learn Sanskrit to the Gujarati students.

  2. Shree navyug vinay mandir nandiya