Dec 13, 2022

पक्षिनामानि Online Sanskrit Games | Online Games of Sanskrit | Play Sanskrit Games Online | Game 03

नमोनमः |
क्रीडतु संस्कृतम् |
Hello dear friends.
Here is a wonderful interactive and online Sanskrit game for you. 
Online Sanskrit games are interesting way to learn Sanskrit through online funny games.
Here is one.

Instructions to play this game.
 - Just listen to the word's pronunciation. 
 - Choose the right picture according to the word.

... चिनोतु ... 

Play, Learn and share this wonderful online sanskrit game with your friends.
Please share the link with all other Sanskritwalas. 
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Thanks in Advance.
जयतु संस्कृतम् 
जयतु भारतम्